Song & Book Mashup: When We Were Young

Serious question: has you ever met someone who doesn’t love Adele? Even my dad loves Adele, and we rarely agree on cooking background music. Really, if you don’t like Adele, kindly find your way to the door (the escape button).

For those of obsessed with Adele’s song “When We Were Young” I have the perfect book rec for you.

First, enjoy the song:

Now where were we? Right, the perfect “When We Were Young” book recommendation. Well, here you have it: Landline by Rainbow Rowell.

Rainbow Rowell’s books are pretty much always the perfect recommendation regardless of your musical preference, but in this case, she is an especially perfect recommendation.


I’m into anything that involves reminiscing on “the good ol’ days.” It’s why I love Hallmark Christmas movies so much. The predictability of a soon-to-be-up-for-promotion female returning to her small hometown (because someone is either A. dying B. dead or C. unable to figure out their finances because someone else died) thus being reunited with her high school sweetheart who *gasp* still looks just the same! really gets me going. I live for these films. My DVR is used only during December I keep all the movies for viewing pleasure throughout all the non-holiday months. Don’t worry, I’m not comparing Adele and Rainbow Rowell’s works of art to low-budget Christmas movies and then expecting you to jump on your Kindle to immediately purchase Landline. I’m just saying, if reminiscing is your thing, this song and book combo will also be your thing. Trust.

“I love you more than I hate everything else.” – Rainbow Rowell

Speaking of reminiscing: maybe one day I’ll tell you all the story of the time I met Rainbow Rowell at an airport, but alas, not today. This memory is buried deep in my subconscious where I store all life’s mortifying moments. If ever you think, “I bet I’ll regret not saying hi to this total stranger I recognize only from book jackets and Twitter,” think again.  You’re about to embarrass yourself in front of a literary genius (who was of course so kind despite my nervous blabbering). Fangirling to the author of Fangirl. SOS! The memory is emerging.

Ok, folks. Enjoy the book recs. Happy Hump Day. Try not to embarrass yourselves. And if you do embarrass yourself, tell me all about it below.

Love & hugs, Rosie

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