OBSESSED WITH: Rosie Edition

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all having a super week. Let’s take a moment of silence to rejoice the fact that the sun has returned. HOLLA. Here are my weekly obsessions!



And, therefore, the Etsy shop of Deidre Wicks. I mean seriously, how amazing are these paintings? I want an entire bedroom wall dedicated solely to portraits of squirrels looking adorable in hipster hats.

TV show:
Jane the Virgin

I’m actually embarrassed that it took me so long to become obsessed with this show. Would you believe me if I said I’d been in a coma for the last eighteen months and therefore was unable to watch this killer show? No? Okay, that’s fair.

Makeup product:
Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner

I got this in the Benefit 2015 holiday palette (as a birthday present from my sister, thanks Cait!) and I already know I’ll be re-purchasing it in the full size. Liquid eyeliner is one of those things that just never gets easier with time. It’s like the opposite of riding a bike. So, when I find an liquid eyeliner that gives me perfect (and even!) cat eyes, I rejoice. And then I smile through my tears as I hand Sephora over all my savings. (But hey, at least my tears aren’t smudging my eyeliner, right?)

Clothing item:
My faux-suede caramel-colored skirt.

Let me preface this obsession by saying I don’t usually spend sixty dollars on mini skirts (especially given that I am 24 and feel occasionally a bit like Bridget Jones when I wear short skirts). But when i first saw this skirt on Calico’s Snapchat, I knew I had to have it. It also helped that a certain best friend gave me a gift card for my birthday. But let me tell you, gift card or not, this skirt was the best investment. I wear it all. the. time. Like I wear it so much I have to alternate which coffee shops I blog in so that the baristas don’t like label me caramel (brulee latte) skirt girl. Get it here!

What are you obsessed with this week? Let me know, so that i can try it/watch it/use it, and be obsessed, too! 

With love and donuts, Rosie

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