Cranberry Brie Bites

This past Christmas, I hosted what I dubbed “Gourmet Christmas 2k15.” (It could’ve alternately been titled “Every Pinterest Recipe Ever Involving Pecans, Cranberries, or Orange Zest” or anything else less obnoxious, really.) It was such a success that my family still discusses the dinner and when I’m bored at work I daydream of the delicious menu.

(Pro tip: If you’re looking to expand your party hosting horizons to Christmas Dinner, your early twenties is the perfect time to do so. If you’re like me, you still go to your parents’ house for Christmas, which means you don’t have to worry about cleaning/decorating/if there’s enough room in the refrigerator/the fact that you just ran out of flour. Your parents get to worry about that!)

Maybe one day I’ll share the whole hit menu, but for today I have everyone’s favorite dish: Cranberry brie bites. These were served as an appetizer, and they were the biggest hit of the day. They’re also so easy to make that on any random Tuesday I’m tempted to re-live the deliciousness of Gourmet Christmas 2k15.

Cranberry Brie Bites Recipe:


Before I begin, let me tell you two things: I do not like cranberries, and I do not like brie, but I love these cranberry brie bites.

– Soft brie
– Fresh or frozen cranberries
– Sugar. A lot of it
– A couple rolls of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls


– Add roughly 1 cup of cranberries and 1/4 cup of water to a saucepan set to medium heat
– Once the cranberries begin to soften, smoosh them with a fork
– Add sugar. Add some more sugar. Add even more sugar. Here’s how to know when you’ve added enough sugar: try a bite of the cranberries and when you don’t immediately cringe or go “UGH,” then you’ve maybe added enough. There’s often a sour after-taste, so wait until you’re done chewing before declaring your cranberry mixture ready to go.
– Once the sauce is done, turn off the burner and leave it to cool.


IMG_4829– Preheat oven to 350.
– Unroll a tube of crescent rolls. The first time I made these, i wanted them to be small and appetizer size, so I flattened the dough even further down and used a small mason jar to cut the dough into little circles. However, I’ve made them more recently as a snack, and instead of rolling the dough out, I just used the crescent roll triangles and made them a bit bigger.


– Now is a good time to ask your sous-chef to cut your brie into small slices. (Or, if you’re rolling solo on this adventure, now is a good time for you to cut your brie into small slices.
– Once your sous-chef (or you) have cut the cheese into small slices, gently roll it into a little ball. (This is why you want soft brie.) 

92c7d73c-b81a-4565-b459-a51b7edd4174 4fd000d8-a343-4dc9-acad-e3ae0695e68d

– Line an ungreased cookie sheet with half of your crescent roll circles
– On each dough circle, put one of your balls of brie cheese
– Add a dollop of your cranberry + sugar concoction on top of the cheese
– Using the remaining dough circles, put “covers” on your bites.
– Use a fork to bind the edges together and prevent the cranberry sauce from spilling out in the oven


– Place the pan in the oven for 6-8 minutes, monitoring closely because NO ONE LIKES BURNED CRESCENT ROLLES, NOT EVEN ONES FILLED WITH CRANBERRY AND BRIE.
– Remove from oven once slightly browned. Let cool for about one minute and then place on a plate or tray to serve.

If you opted to do the crescent roll triangle option, good choice! All you have to do is roll up the dough so there’s no exposed cranberry or brie. Because these triangles are bigger, you’re going to want to use a little more brie and cranberry concoction sauce than with the dough circles. Your final product will look something like this: 

IMG_5137 IMG_5136 IMG_5139


If you make this recipe, be sure to post some pics and tag us on Insta or Twitter. We want to drool alongside you.

Gourmet Christmas 2k16, you have some big shoes to fill.

All my love & praline pecan affection,

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