Friday Nightcap: March 18


What an exciting week this has been. Thanks to everyone who checked out our blog this week and made our launch so special!

This week we were reading Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella, drinking kombucha tea (and trying not to vomit), jamming to Puff Daddy, and totally obsessing over burgundy sweaters and Fixer Upper. 

Whereas I was still watching snow fall this week, Bean has been living it up at Disney World with her boyfriend. She sent me a picture of an Epcot cronut today and I nearly died of jealously. Instead of dying, however, I went to the local grocery store and picked up a not-as-good-but-still-pretty-darn-good croissant-donut for myself. Why are hybrid desserts so delicious?

Here is Bean, enjoying a cronut in Disney World, looking adorable in the sunshine. Here is me, Rosie, enjoying a grocery store cronut, while wearing a sunshine sweater, and watching a video of Prince Harry talking about Disney World. (My eyes are cropped out because I look like a raccoon due to a v sad dog video circulating on Facebook.)

This weekend I’m watching Creed (essentially I will watch anything with Michael B. Jordon, even it means flinching every time someone throws a punch), eating Chocolate Covered Katie’s Disney Dole Whip impersonation (in honor of Bean’s vacation or, you know, to ward off some of my jealousy), and reading The Love that Split the World by Emily Henry, which I’m so excited for!

What are you guys watching/reading/eating this weekend?

With love and cronut-hugs, Rosie

IMG_9900-1 2.PNG

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