Music Monday: March 21

Happy Second Day of Spr–VERY SNOWY MORNING, everyone!

This morning’s Music Monday is a total TBT (only on a Monday). I was only ten when this song was released, but thanks to my older sister’s boom box, I was able to hear it bumping through the walls. It still gives me total childhood déjà vu. (My mom’s going to read this post and be like, I can’t believe this is the music you played when you were supposed to be babysitting. Don’t worry, mom! She wouldn’t let me watch Xtina’s Dirrty video even though I was dying to know what all the talk was about.)

A little bit I think that from a young age we should tell girls that if a guy cheats, you should go and spend all his money and then ditch that playa’ à la Blu Cantrell. I’m kidding. (Am I kidding?) (No, not really.)

Anyway, enjoying this TBT and cross your fingers that Thursday arrives, like, asap.

xo Rosie


Featured image via screengrab from Youtube. 

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