Recipe Review: Gluten-free Cadbury Egg Brownies

Happy Monday R & B readers! As a fun bonus post, we wanted to give you a seasonally appropriate recipe review this week–kind of like a book review–but with a recipe we’ve previously posted about that’s not ours–and it tastes a lot better. Here we go!

It’s the day after Easter, and unless you’ve completely overdone it on the chocolate (like me who could barely move I was in so much pain last night), you miiiight be stopping by the EASTER CANDY CLEARANCE SALES held, well, everywhere today. Bags of skittles that were like $3.00 yesterday are probably going for about a buck right now, which means that Cadbury eggs should clock in somewhere around 25 cents. How could you resist right?

Here to help you with your lack-of-ability-to-resist-buying-clearance-candy-and-Easter-goodies is me, Bean, with a review of the Cadbury Egg Brownies recipe we posted about last week. If you remember, we got this recipe from I Heart Naptime an awesome blog with obviously awesome ideas, so I decided to cook some up for my family this weekend and see how it went.

It. Went. Awesome. Seriously, if you’re going to go buy Easter candy today, do yourself a favor and pick up a box of brownie mix and make these. They’re amazing & you can thank me later for the recommendation 😉

Just a note: I used brownie mix instead of the devil’s food cake mix the original recipe calls for, and it turned out fine.

Another note: I used gluten-free brownie mix so my boyfriend could enjoy them, and while they were indeed delicious, the edges were cooked through before the middle and so they were a little extra gooey. I don’t know if this was because I used brownie mix in general, or specifically a gluten-free thing, but just a word to the wise that they didn’t cut perfectly neat and were a little messy to eat.

One last note: No one complained. Goo and all, I got rave reviews from everyone who tried one, especially my own (happy) belly.

I won’t give you a step by step, since it’s pretty simple (Mix box mix, cut eggs, place in batter, bake), so here’s some pictures from my baking adventure yesterday:


Happy (belated) Easter and Happy (current) Easter candy sale day! Enjoy! xo, Bean 

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