Book & Music Mashup: Out of the Woods

Happy hump day, friends!

Serious question: I know 1989 came out about eleven years ago now, but are you all still just as obsessed with this album as I am? Truly, it’s still my morning commute soundtrack. As much as I love Taylor, part of me hopes she drifts from writing songs to writing books sometime soon, because I really could do with some back story and context to lyrics like, “Twenty stitches in the hospital room,” You okay, Tay? We could be your new best friend!

1989: The Unofficial and Mostly Fictional Taylor Swift Story

Plot: Girl, mid-twenties, creates an online dating profile with the bio: “There’s one thing you should know about me…I was born in 1989” and proceeds to go on a slue of awful dates and begins a series of doomed relationships? Will she find love, or will she be another millennial who just can’t make a relationship stick?

Until this destined-to-be-a-bestseller book’s release, here’s a book recommendation for fans of “Out of the Woods.”

Amy McNamara’s Lovely, Dark and Deep is, well…it’s exactly as the title promises: lovely, dark, and deep. It’s the book twin to “Out of the Woods” and it provides the ultimate backstory–albeit tragic backstory–to the catchy tune.


The book is about teenager Wren Wells who survived the car accident that killed her boyfriend. Now, instead of going to college, Wren moves into the woods of Maine with her father. All she wants is to be alone…but then she meets Cal Owen, who has some dark secrets of his own.

“I came here because it’s pine-dark and the ocean is wild. The kind of quiet-noise you need when there’s too much going on in your head. Like the water and the woods are doing all the feeling, and I can hang out, quiet as a headstone, in a between place. A blank I can bear.” – Amy McNamara

As you read you’ll feel like you’re entering the world of Taylor’s video, and you’ll love every second of it. Amy McNamara’s writing is glorious and you’ll want to buy a copy of your own so you can highlight all her pretty sentences. You may also want to buy a pack of Kleenex because, well…Wren Wells is going to break your pretty little heart into pretty little smithereens.

Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

Happy reading!

PS. The Rosie & Bean Book Club is launching next week! Our first read is When We Collided by the ever-fantastic Emery Lord. The book releases next Tuesday, so go pre-order it now so you can read along with us. More details to follow!

xo – Rosie

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