Fitness Challenge: April

Good morning and welcome to April, dear reader! Hopefully the beginning of this month means the beginning of warmth, of more sunny days than cloudy ones and, of course, the END of all things dreary, snowy, and winter.

Here on Rosie & Bean, the beginning of April also means the beginning of a new type of post: monthly “fitness” challenges. Every month, we’ll be taking on a different challenge related to health and wellness–whether it be a new workout routine to stick to for four weeks, a healthy eating goal, incorporating meditation into our every day, etc. If it has to do with bettering our mind, body, or spirit, we’re counting that as fitness and we’re down to try it–at least for four weeks 😉


To kick things off, for the month of April, I (Bean) will be taking on a 30 day green smoothie challenge courtesy of Simple Green Smoothies. They host a free month (yes, truly free minus the cost of smoothie ingredients you buy at your grocery store, of course) of the challenge, giving you different recipes for every day and sending them out about 3 days at a time so you can prep a little.

The idea behind 30 days of green smoothies is to incorporate more leafy greens into your day in an easy and quick way. Every smoothie with have vitamins and minerals that our bodies need and will be nourished by! As they describe it on their website, “it’s hands down the healthiest fast food.” The site doesn’t have rules around when you drink these smoothies or if they replace a meal or not, just that you simply drink one everyday. For this month, I’ll be having one as my breakfast every morning. 


Want to do the challenge along with me? Click hereAll you need is an email address to get started. From there, they send you some recipes and off to the grocery store you go! Join me! I know I’m excited to work spinach and kale into my everyday without having to eat boring salads constantly.

I’ll post another update at the end of the challenge, and look out for my favorite smoothie every week in our Friday Nightcap posts. Happy drinking 🙂 See you on the other side!

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