Friday Nightcap: April 1

Am I the only one who spent today totally on edge just waiting for the vicious April Fool’s jokes to start? The amount of times I’ve been told the “Did you know gullible isn’t in the dictionary?” joke in my lifetime is unreal, but really should give you some sense as to why I hate April first. I’m too trusting, evidently. Where are you Ryan Atwood and bad boys of CW television to make me jaded about life?

This week has been so rainy (but also warm, so hey, I’ll take it), and I’m also suffering from a cold. I say suffering from because I’m truly the most dramatic person you have the pleasure of knowing. Like, you can find me laying on the hardwood floor, crying because I’m too stuffed up to taste my mac and cheese. (I promise, the dramatics ebb when I can breathe like a normal human.)

What Instagram tells you I’m doing

This was such a fun week on Rosie and Bean because Bean launched her April fitness challenge. I’m so excited to see all the different smoothie combinations she comes up with! Also this week, we listened to Beyonce, because apparently we knew she was going to launch a fitness line before anyone else?! We also learned how to budget better with Bean’s (hello, alliteration) Obsessed With: $$$ post. Also this week, I tried (and nearly died) at super hot yoga and we book and music mashup-ed Amy McNamara’s book “Lovely, Dark and Deep” with T Swift’s “Out of the Woods.”

This weekend, I am getting really close with a box of Kleenex, and making Samoas (because the uber delish Girl Scout cookie does not exist in Canada). I’m also reading Emly Martin’s book The Year We Fell Apart, and totally loving it. Review to come! On Netflix, I’m re-watching The Mindy Project because 1. I want to be all up-to-date when it returns to Hulu and 2. I really like the sound of my laugh when I’m sick. (I’m so vain, I probably think this blog is about me.)

What I’m actually doing 

What are you all eating/reading/watching/doing/any-other-ing-verb this weekend? TELL ME SO MY SNIFFLING SELF CAN LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU.

With love and affection, Rosie


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