Obsessed With: Rosie Edition

Is it just me or is this week totally crawling by? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I keep staying up until two reading. Maybe? Probably?

What am I obsessed with this week? Aside from the leftover pad thai I’m currently consuming? Well, here you have it:

This post by Laura Jane Williams

I feel like to explain my obsession with this post would be totally mansplaining everything Laura Jane Williams has already so perfectly wrote, so here is what I will say: I needed to read this post this week. Maybe I’m not banking Hawaii holidays with my writing, but the idea of putting pressure on yourself to make money off a craft, off of something you love, off of something that makes you happy, is a really strange and complex thing. Obviously turning the thing you love into a job is the dream, but I think it’s important to remember you have to keep loving that thing, so don’t make yourself hate it!

My neighbors

My apartment building neighbors are all nice humans, but I feel like they’ve ben especially nice this week. I sort of wonder if there was some inter-building memo about spreading love this week that I missed. Chocolate bars and books and donut-covered journals keep showing up at my door. I’ve had homemade lentil soup delivered. I’ve had muffins delivered. I’ve had a whole strawberry shortcake delivered. I also received an adorable package in the mail from Bean. Maybe it’s Be Nice to Rosie Week. Either way, I’m ready to pass this good karma along by sharing the cookies I made for Friday’s recipe.

Trix cereal definitely looks different in Canda, but it tastes the same! 

Trix Cereal

Available for a limited time only in Canada, so it goes without saying, I AM STOCKING UP. I won’t be made a fool again. Trix are not just for kids. Can’t you see the reports now: “Rosie of Rosie and Bean has been protesting outside the Atlantic Superstore for thirty-seven days straight. She says she wants her Trix back.” Anyway, stocking up so as to avoid that.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

I know, I know, this book came out a million years ago, but reading the Harry Potter books as an “adult” (using that term loosely) is a wholly different experience than reading the books as child. I’ve been listening to the first in the series on audiobook and it adds some major smiles to my morning commute. Seriously, I’m just sitting in traffic with this massive grin on my face like a total weirdo. Like, just try not to smile when Harry finds out he’s a wizard, or when he flies for the first time, or when Hagrid brings him that birthday cake. Okay, actually I cried when that happened. And when he saw his parents in the mirror for the first time. And when Mrs. Weasley sends him a sweater for Christmas. Basically, I’ve had to invest in waterproof mascara. HP1 is an emotional rollercoaster that I think my eight-year-old self didn’t fully appreciate.

What are you obsessed with this week? I’m in desperate need of a good weekend reading rec because I plan to spend all of Saturday in bed with a gallon of orange juice, vegetable soup, and a keen desire to kick. this. cold.

Happy Thursday! May it fly by as quickly as Harry on his Nimbus 2000.

xo Rosie

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