Friday Nightcap: April 8

Another day, another dollar (American or Canadian, take your pick), another week down! Happy Friday night R&B! Although I hope you’re reading this post, I hope even more that you’re out living it up and treating yourself and catch up on our nightcap tomorrow morning—you deserve some fun!

Even though I’m all about ~living in the present~ like the true yogi I am lately, let’s look back on this past week, shall we?

On Monday we released our really good, full-of-jams playlist for April. If you don’t have Spotify get it (it’s free!) and give it a listen!

Let JLo (and the whole April playlist!) be the soundtrack to your weekend.
Let JLo (and the whole April playlist!) be the soundtrack to your weekend.

On Tuesday, I wrote about knitting and how it can help you lose weight–and I swear it’s not as crazy as it sounds! Do you guys have any other weight loss tips that work for you? Comment below!

Rosie made the very exciting announcement that OUR BOOK CLUB YOU SHOULD TOTALLY JOIN began on Wednesday! This month we’re reading Emery Lord’s hot-off-the-press When We Collided. Rosie loved it so much she finished it in one night, and I’ll be catching up this weekend with the help of my trusty Kindle and a comfy blanket. Download it, buy it, borrow it from a friend, just be sure to join us because conversations about books are cool, and conversations about good books by insanely cool authors are cooler 😉


This week Rosie is obsessed with the fact that Trix are available for a limited time in Canada, though they look a little different than American Trix… Now I want some good old, too colorful to be good for you Trix–thanks a lot Rosie!

And earlier today, in case you missed it, Rosie gave us all the Holy Grail of recipes and a huge dose of jealousy to boot: her recipe for homemade samoas–those delicious coconut-y chocolate-y Girl Scout cookies that I dream about at night. My mouth literally waters just looking at those pictures, so if you have nothing to do this weekend, whip up a batch and let us know if they’re as good as they look!

Not-so-yummy color, but a VERY yummy smoothie!
Not-so-yummy color, but a VERY yummy smoothie!

PS– I’m still going strong with the April Fitness Challenge! I haven’t missed a day of green smoothies yet, although I’ve had to vary the menu a little bit. This week’s favorite? The Razzy Peach 🙂 Raspberries, banana, spinach, and peaches (or mangoes, if you prefer). Delicious!

Any exciting plans for the weekend, dear readers? One of my BFFs is going to see Rihanna, and although my weekend plans aren’t quite that exciting, I would say a trip to Trader Joe’s and lots of yoga classes is pretty wild!

Rosie is headed to a tea festival tomorrow which is unique and cool, so in her honor I will drink tea while I binge watch my latest Hulu obsession, 11/22/63.



We’re so excited to be back on Monday with new content, which *hint hint* includes a delicious recipe involving a spin on Alfredo sauce and and a #TBT Obsessed With post. In the meantime, enjoy the best days of every week. Eat well, sleep well, drink well, and play well! See you bright and early on Monday with a jam to start your week off right.

With love and wishes for homemade samoas, Bean

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