Recipe Review: Homemade Samoas

Haaaapppy Friday!

Though I love Canada dearly, it does have one truly, madly, deeply flaw: our Girl Scout cookie selection. In the fall, the scouts redeem themselves with thin mint cookies, but in the spring, thee are only chocolate and vanilla cookies to choose from. And I don’t mean those cool black and white cookies you see in bakery windows in New York City, I mean like Fudgee-os and Golden Oreos. Am I going to be sued by the Girl Scouts for voicing such an unpopular opinion?*

This year, I decided to take matters into my own hand. (Taking matters into my own hands was actually quite a timely process and maybe in future I should just ask Bean to mail me cookies, but I digress…)

On Easter Weekend, I made Chocolate Covered Katie’s healthy version of thin mints from her amazing cookbook. Let me tell you, they were delicious and even though they took a long time to make and I stayed up until one am to finish, they were devoured by my whole family and gone within a few days. This past week, I decided to take on Samoas. Now, let me just say, there is no “healthy” version of Samoas on the Internet. And if you find an internet Samoas recipe that claims to be healthy, it is probably lying to you and attacking your computer with a virus. Like, the recipe I used literally required me to peel and melt two bags of caramels. (Okay, okay, it should’ve been two but I only bought one because it was an American recipe and I don’t understand ounces.)

If I thought the thin mints were time consuming, boy did I not know what I was getting myself into. These cookies took hours! So don’t go trying to make them for a last minute bake sale. That said, they are worth every single freaking second spend in the kitchen. In fact, I actually thought making these cookies was sort of relaxing! You do everything in steps, so you never feel like you have multiple things on the go at once. I think rolling out cookie dough and cutting out circles is my new all-natural anxiety relief.

Because these cookies take so long, you’re sort of going to want to protect them with your life and give them only to your most favorite people. I get it. It’s normal. Save them for yourself. You earned this.

The recipe I used was from Baking Bites, and I recommend it with my whole entire heart and soul. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever had a recipe so good. And that’s really saying something considering I accidentally used the wrong amount of caramels. I would like to add a photo of these cookies to my recipe and get hired as President of the United States. (just kidding, I don’t want that job ever. I’d rather be President of Girl Scouts Canada so I can bring Samoas to my home and native land and never have to endure this cookie process again.)

As much as I joke about the serious time commitment these cookies are, they really are worth it. I promise. They’re so much better than the boxed cookies. Like, so much better. And healthier? Because they’re homemade…Okay, I’m sorry, I’m officially the lying internet recipe, but I promise I’m not giving you a virus.


xo Rosie

*Disclaimer: please still buy cookies from the little ones that come knocking at your door. It’s not their fault that the cookie selection is lame. Give them $5 and give yourself a pat on the back for being such a charitable human.

One thought

  1. Unfortunately I can’t offer any insight into the process of making these ridiculously delicious treats. But, I am one of the privileged few who occasionally has access to one or two of Rosie’s baked treats through a personal connection I have carefully cultivated specifically for that purpose. And I can assure you with all my heart and soul that if the proof is in “the eating” then these cookies truly deliver. Every bite of these samoas, from taste to texture, is an experience you don’t want to miss.


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