The Sweat Schedule: Workout Ideas for the Week

This is already our 6th “fitness Tuesday” post (time flies when you’re having fun!), so we thought we’d try something a little new. Rosie and I try to mix up the fitness posts, sometimes workouts, sometimes tips and ideas, sometimes hilarious articles about what Rosie has dared to try like hot yoga and kombucha tea. Today, we’re bringing you my schedule of workouts for this week to give you some ideas and to give me some motivation to actually get my ass to the gym. Let us know what you think and, of course, if you have any fitness posts you’d like to see in the future! 

Hello there.

If you know me well, you might know that I am a seriously crazed and deluded person when it comes to planning and organization. Like, seriously I make a list for EVERYTHING.

“Things to do today”

“Things to do by the weekend”
“Food to buy at the grocery store”
“Dinners to make this week”
“What to pack for your trip in April of 2018”

Really–it’s bad. So, for our fitness post this week, I thought why not put some of my hyper-organization and need to plan things way in advance to good use and make a Sweat Schedule. This way, we both win. You get an idea of what I’m doing, maybe a couple of new ideas if you’re bored with your current gym routine, and I get some accountability to actually workout because, well, the WHOLE internet is watching!!! (I’m counting all 50 of you loyal readers as the “whole” internet just FYI. Hi, Mom & Dad.)

So, here we go. Now that this is in print I swear I’m going to stick to it and get my booty moving!

Monday: Sick/rest day 😦

It happens!

Tuesday: Shred yoga class

The yoga studio I go to is completely non-traditional; their signature class is called “hip hop yoga.” (It’s as cool as it sounds.) At least five times a week they offer a class called “shred,” which is my latest obsession there. It works arms, legs, and abs, and you even get cardio in with a full song of sun salutations on SPEED, with some push ups thrown in there for good measure. To make it really effective, you use two, 3-pound dumbbells for the arms and abs portions of class. It’s AWESOME in a this-is-kind-of-torturous-but-I-strangely-like-it way.

Wednesday: 5:45 am spin class

I loveeeee me some spin. It’s quick, it has alllll the jams and it’s effective TO THE MAX. It works your legs with hills and isolations, cardio with sprints, and your arms get some action too, at least at the studio I go to, because we do push ups on the bike for at least two full songs. Burn baby burn, I’m trying to grow some muscles here! And if you caught the fact that this class is at an ungodly hour of the morning and are wondering what the f is wrong with me, the answer is a) it’s the best feeling in the world to have a full body workout done by 6:30 a.m. and b) I’m crazy. 

Thursday: Rest day

No reason for this other than I’m working late and have no time to fit anything in! I’ll probably celebrate resting with the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy though…

Friday: Shred yoga class

Love me some heated yoga that involves weights. Like I said, I’m trying to grow some muscles here! Plus, I’m just really in it for the savasana at the end 😉

Saturday: Flow AND shred yoga, back to back

While Shred class has been my jam lately because I just can’t get over it’s effectiveness, “flow” yoga (a typical vinyasa class) will always be my one true love. It’s completely relaxing and stretches me out in the best way, not to mention it’s a perfect start to the weekend. And shred starts right when flow ends, so why not stay for both!

Sunday: Gym and ICE CREAM

I know “gym and ice cream” sounds kind of counterproductive, but I’m doing a three-month healthy eating challenge with my friend to get ready for summer, and every 21 days we are breaking it up with an ice cream date! It’s been 21 days of virtually no processed sugar or treats for me, so you better believe this ice cream will be as big as my head, but only after some quality time with the stair master at the gym.

So there ya have it–that’s where I’ll be when I’m not at work this week! All I can say is thank God for Lulu Lemon no-slip headbands, rest days, and ICE CREAM. What are your plans to burn some calories this week? Let me know so I can try them out, too! Happy sweating!



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