Friday Nightcap: April 15

Happy Friday, friends!

This morning I woke up to snow. Not like a little bit of snow, but like enough snow to warrant school cancellations. I had to scrape my car (well, actually, I should’ve had to scrape my car but I’ve taken my scraper out of my car on account of it being APRIL, and so I was forced to use my hands).

This week has been so busy, but in a really good busy type way. Three of my best friends have birthdays in April, which means I’m like constantly eating out this month and shopping for presents! Yesterday I actually had early dinner plans (delicious bean burrito) and late dinner plans (spicy yam and avocado sushi), because I AM SO POPULAR APPARENTLY. (Just kidding. Because I can’t read a calendar and also I like food.)

Even though it was everyone else’s birthday this week, I still got this adorable package in the mail from Bean. What is better than a BFF who knows you like you know your fav Starbucks order? Changing into sweatpants on a Friday. That’s. It. And that’s only a maybe. I’d probably wear jeans everyday for a whole month if it meant I got to be in the same country as Bean for just ten minutes.


So now that I have you significantly saddened as you all miss your BFFs, let’s recap on the week.

MONDAY: I stayed up way too late reading Maggie Hall’s Map of Fates (the uber fast-paced sequel to The Conspiracy of Us), tried (and failed) to make potatoes for dinner (POTATOES. Why are the basics always so hard to cook?), and listened to Bean’s Music Monday Hozier post about 85 times.

I sort of expected Hilary Duff to roll past my booth on roller skates à la A Cinderella Story

TUESDAY: I went out to milkshakes at this super cute retro diner with my siblings and then I read Bean’s Sweat Schedule and thought ah, opposites really do attract. It’s called balance, right? As in my love for frozen dairy products balances out Bean’s fitness commitment?


WEDNESDAY: It was so sunny on Wednesday, I went down to the waterfront to take about four hundred photos of The Love that Split the World to accompany the book review. While taking the pics, a little child came up to me and said “HI!” with a look of total confusion, like why is this girl riskily holding a book over the water. You can’t have both dignity and cute Instagrams, kid. I always choose the latter.

THURSDAY: I enjoyed my double dinners, drank the most delicious chocolate hazelnut bubble tea and cried as the snow began to fall. And then I cried even harder when Bean texted me photos of this really cool daffodil field near her house.

Try looking at this photo while it’s snowing outside without crying. Impossible, right?

FRIDAY (holla!): Tonight Bean is out for ice cream and I am inside drinking a chai latte because hello, the snow! I’m also contemplating an imminent move to California. Once I get home, I plan to make Bean’s delicious (healthy) Mexican salad while streaming season two of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! The show with the best theme song in all the world.

This weekend I’m going to a paint night for one of my aforementioned April birthday friends and on Sunday I’m going to a cool trampoline place for another aforementioned April birthday friend. Bean is having a game night tomorrow with some friends, and I wish I was in the area so I could crash it! I guess I’ll just have to play Monopoly against my computer and be there in spirit alone.

What are your plans for the weekend? Doing anything super fun and exciting? Don’t forget, our first When We Collided Book Club is happening this Wednesday (April 20), so, if you haven’t already, open your Kindle and get reading!

Wishing you all a happy and sleep-filled weekend.

Love and more love, Rosie

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