I’ll Try It: Zumba

Remember those brief few years of our lives when Zumba was all the rage? Even though I bore witness to this time in history, I never actually participated in the sport (is sport the right word?).

Like I said in my hot yoga review, group fitness classes make me so self-conscious that I tend to just not go. Or even sign up. My sister, on the other hand, thrives on these new exercise experiences. (Okay, this is my third I’ll Try It post, and so far my sister has been blamed for all of them. Sorry, sis.) She convinced me to a attend a Newcomers Zumba class with her at the local library. The latter part of the sentence is the only reason why I consented. I had a few books waiting on hold for me, so getting my books and a work out seemed perfectly convenient. You could basically get me to attend like a hamburger exposition if it was held at a library. And I’m a vegetarian!

We arrived at the library a few minutes late (I don’t remember why we were late, but there’s a 94% chance it was my fault). We snuck into the room where the teacher—a super perky girl with envy-inducing red hair—was taking attendance. Immediately this struck me as strange, because if everyone here was new to zumba, why were their names already on an attendance sheet?

Surprise! This was not Newcomers to Zumba class. This was Newcomers to Canada Zumba class. Everyone there already knew how to shake their booty to the beat of a Shakira song, because they’d been doing it together for weeks.

Luckily, the woman with the glorious hair decided to let us stay. We had to fill out some permission forms saying we wouldn’t sue her if we died (Reassuring!), and then we were all set to zumba away!


I don’t really know how to describe zumba. It’s like dance class, except with way-less complicated moves and music that you really just want to rock out to. Luckily, Glorious Red Hair was really in to us just rocking out. She was a go-with-the-flow, make-up-the-choreography-as-you-go type human (because she works in social services full time, and not as a zumba instructor–in fact, I don’t even know if she was a certified zumba instructor or just someone who’d played a lot of Wii Fit) and let us just groove out.

Probably this was not real zumba, but I loved it all the same. Me and the other ladies shared a lot of laughs, and no one pointed out how awful my sister and I were at dancing. Win, win!

I haven’t actually gone back to this zumba class since, mainly because the kind, Glorious Red Hair teacher made it pretty clear that as we were not newcomers to Canada we probably shouldn’t crash any more events. But I host my own one-person zumba parties in my kitchen every night as I bake ziti.

This is me:

This is not secretly a sponsored-by-some-random-insurance-company post, I promise. That little girl is really my child-sized clone.

Do I recommend zumba? Yeah actually, I do! Because here’s the thing: even though the class I attended was completely unconventional, everyone there was really happy. Like so happy we could’ve been filming a Coca Cola commercial! And as someone who has a really hard time getting excited about working out, I appreciated the contagious enthusiasm.

Take back your Facebook Friend Request Taylor Swift, I’ve found my own girl gang!

Stay happy and hydrated, kiddos!


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