Friday Nightcap: April 22

Ok guys, we made it. Even though Monday was a holiday (at least for me, Patriots Day is weird I guess), this week has felt soooo long. So I, for one, am relieved that a) it’s finally the weekend and b) it’s finally sunny! Spring seems to be here to stay–fingers crossed–and I plan to take advantage of that fact by spending a lot of time in the sunshine before work slinks back into my life on Monday.

In case you missed our posts this week (and if you did we hope you were at least at Disney World or somewhere cooler than here…which isn’t many places), here’s a recap. While you’re laying in bed tonight, instead of scrolling endlessly through Twitter for the 200th time, check out this week’s posts! We promise they’re more interesting than anything on Twitter. Except maybe Kanye West. His Twitter is definitely more interesting…

Kanye or no Kanye, Rosie gave us a great Music Monday jam to start our weeks off with a kick-ass vibe. LL Cool J is awesome, it’s just a fact. Listen here. 

On Tuesday, our I’ll Try It series continued with another hilarious installment from Rosie. First it was hot yoga, then kombucha tea, and now Zumba. Spoiler alert: this one turned out better than the yoga and the tea! Read all about it here. 


Have you been keeping up with our book club? If not, this month’s pick was Emery Lord’s When We Collided. Our first chat about it is here. We talked about Vivi, Jonah, and what’s coming next. Look out for our next book club chat on Monday night!

This morning I posted a recipe for cauliflower alfredo sauce, and since it’s the weekend and you have extra time, you MUST try it out for yourself. I promise it’s easy and delicious. A cheese sauce that sneaks a veggie in? Worth it.


I’m planning to enjoy this beautiful weather and go on plenty of nature walks with my pups, but what are you, our new BFFs, up to this weekend? Soaking up the sun? Baking something cool? Reading something that should be our next book club pick? Let us know so we can bake it/read it/or soak it up, too!


A view from my trail walk last weekend. Can’t wait to go back!
Happy weekend, y’all. Eat a donut and enjoy this life! 

Xo, Bean


PS–Looking for something good to binge watch this weekend? I’m currently obsessed with Quantico and Rosie is always bugging me to watch Jane the Virgin, so start there! Both are totally binge-worthy (in their own, entirely-different-type-of-show ways).

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