Soundtrack to Spring Runs: Playlist

After months of freezing temps, snow flurries, and fuzzy socks, being outside and feeling the sun warm your skin is everything. No other feeling can beat it. So when it finally gets nice enough to be outside without a jacket, I take advantage of it. I hate being in a gym with no windows when it’s 65 degrees and bright out just on the other side of the wall. Plus, who really likes to run on a treadmill anyway?

If you’re a runner who’s pounding pavement again, here’s a playlist to accompany you as you roam the streets and sweat in that warm Spring sunshine. Not a runner? This playlist will still get you motivated to get moving, I bet. I used to listen to it all the time when I was training for my half marathon last year, and even now that I’m not, I still put it on from time to time to pump me up for whatever I need: cleaning my room, going on the stair master, driving to work on a day when I’d rather be anywhere else. It’s a good mix that’s so chock full of jams it almost feels like magic.

My favorite tracks are No Flex Zone by Watsky and Karmin and Beg For It by Iggy Azalea. Oh, and Feeling Myself by Nicki and Bey because, well, QUEENS.

Let me know what gets you through that last sprint or up and moving to begin that first mile! And if you have any great running songs of your own right now, share! I’m always looking for new workout music.


XO With love and well-laced sneakers, Bean 


Featured image courtesty of @highs_fries_exercise. Check out her awesome fitness & food Insta here!

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