Obsessed With: Bean Edition

Choker necklaces


It must be true that the 90s are back in style because I’ve been seeing choker necklaces pop up everywhere. The old-school jewelry choice is trendy AF right now and personally I’m digging it (even though they sometimes make my neck a little itchy/feeling choked…HA get it). Mine (pictured above) is from Calico.

Lookin’ pretty:
Gel manicures

Sometimes nothing can make you feel more polished and in control of your life like a gel manicure can. They last WAY longer than a regular manicure and they really aren’t that expesnsive… Mine typically cost $25-$30 (without tip) depending on where I go and they last me at least 2 solid weeks with no chips. My favorite shades are always the cooler colors like blues, greens, and purples, but I’m really trying to get into pinks and nudes, too.

Dreaming of… :

You know what they say: you can’t just have one. Even though I already have two, lately more than ever I’m finding myself itching for another tat. Of what you ask? Good question. I’m not so sure myself (as my Pinterest board can tell you), but I’ve been dreaming of getting some beautifully sketched flowers (or maybe a Hamsa hand…like I said, indecision) for months. Stay tuned to see if I actually go through with it!

Do you guys have any tattoos? I’m always looking for new ink-spiration so comment a picture of yours below!

With love, donuts, and a fierce manicure, Bean

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