It’s Gonna Be MAY: Playlist

Objectively, I have to say: May has to be one of the BEST months of the year. Subjectively, I have to admit this might be because it’s my birthday month 😉 🙂 But still, Happy May! The unofficial month of N*Sync memes all over the internet.

As we do at the start of every month, here’s our big playlist so you have a soundtrack for the next four weeks. I feel like we were just posting the April playlist…where did you go April!? Oh well, not that sad to see you go when birthdays and summer lie ahead!

So enjoy. Consider it candy for the ears. And make sure you eat a piece of cake in honor of my bday–especially if we can’t eat it in person together (cough cough Rosie cough).



My favorite songs this month? Gone Going by The Black Eyed Peas & Jack Johnson has to be one of my favorite songs of all time. And I’m really digging Close by Nick Jonas and Tove Lo lately, too! (Also, of course shout out to my #1 honey Frank Ocean…when will we get your new album Frank?! I’ve been waiting impatiently for months.)

Rosie said to tell you that she loves Can I Get a Witness by SonReal and For a Better Day by Avicii. And I love Rosie so I, too, love her favs by extension.

Happy May! With love and one-month-closer-to-beach-weather music, Bean 

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