Smoothies & Yoga on Yoga on Yoga: Fitness Challenge Update

Last month, we kicked off a new type of post here at Rosie & Bean: monthly fitness challenges. The idea is that every month, either Rosie or I will take on a “fitness” related challenge; it doesn’t have to be physical necessarily, just something health related that is at least slightly challenging or out of the ordinary for us.

For April, I did a 30-day green smoothie challenge by Simple Green Smoothies. The goal of the free challenge–put out by Simple Green where they email you free smoothie recipes once a week–was to make and drink a different “green” smoothie (a smoothie containing either spinach or kale) every day for the entire month.

Welp, I’ll be honest. I didn’t even come close on this one. I probably had a green smoothie 12-15 of the 30 days, and I definitely didn’t have a different one every time. For the first week, I was doing it exactly as I was supposed to: different smoothie every day. But then I ran out of certain ingredients and not others, so I started doing repeats or winging it. And then I got lazy and slightly late for work, so I skipped a bunch of days. If I had to give myself a grade on this challenge, it would probably be a solid C+. 

That being said, I actually really liked this challenge. Even though I didn’t come close to the 30 days, I still had 12 to 15 more green smoothies than I normally would have, and I did feel a difference when I was drinking them consistently. I felt more energized and even slightly slimmer, and if you have your act together enough to actually make one every morning, I would really recommend it.

The challenge kind of implies that the smoothies should almost be like your breakfast, which I used them as sometimes, but I often found myself pretty hungry by mid morning so I usually ended up pairing them with one packet of oatmeal a little later. My favorite recipes (that I actually managed to try) were the Simple Peach, Razzy Peach, Tropi-Kale, and Blueberry Kale Punch. My least favorite recipes were ones that included oranges, as I found the skin of the orange left a pulpy kinda feel to the smoothie that I did not enjoy.

Side note: I always substituted frozen mango when a recipe called for peaches. Also, in the Blueberry Kale Punch, I substituted a splash of orange juice for the oranges because, well, see above. 

Overall, it was a good challenge to start off with, and I will continue to work green smoothies into my mornings whenever time allows. I had one this morning and it was the perfect wake-me-up to start my Tuesday with. Yum!

SO, since April is a thing of the past and May is well, HERE (time flies, huh?), it’s time to announce our MAY FITNESS CHALLENGE!


For the month of May, I (Bean) will be taking on the task of LOTS OF YOGA. I’m going to buy an unlimited monthly yoga package at my local studio and aim to go four times a week. I figure that four times a week will be a definite challenge, but not totally unrealistic like six or seven days a week would be.

To get into the true spirit of yoga, I’ll also be accompanying the in-class challenge with some meditation, too. It’ll be my goal to meditate for 4 timed minutes before bed every night (start small, right?). I’m going to take my measurements and weight at the beginning of the month and then again at the end, to monitor physical progress, and also jot down thoughts and feelings before and after meditation throughout the month. Stay tuned for my progress and feel free to join me in this month’s challenge! I could use a buddy to keep me a little more consistently than I was with the smoothies last month…oops.

Are you setting any personal fitness or health challenges for this month? How are you getting ready for summer and the beach? Comment below! 

With love and lots of savasana, Bean 

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