I’ll Try It: 6:30 AM Running

Here are two truths about me: 1. I hate alarm clocks/waking up early/opening my eyes before the sun has fully risen, and 2. I also hate working out. So, this week, because apparently I hate myself, I decided to take on my two main hates.

This week, I started running at 6:30 AM. (I know, I know, it’s only Tuesday, but two runs are better than no runs!)

Maybe now is the portion of the post when I lie and tell you it’s not that bad! It’s actually super fun and energizing and holy, I could just take on the world now. But guess what, I also hate lying, so here’s the real truth: Opening my eyes at 6:30 is torture. No one should wake up this early, ever. (Unless you’re going to the airport for an early flight and by day’s end you’re going to be on a Mexican beach.) On Monday, when my alarm went off, I was in the process of shutting it off and rolling back over to sleep when a text came in from Bean.

Wake up!!!! You can do it!!!!! It’s a good day to have a good day and a run will leave you feeling so energized and positive! Woohoo!!! Moving muscles and getting that heart going is the best thing you can do for yourself! Your body will thank you!!! Your mind quits before your body every time. Don’t give up!

(Bean seriously has a future career as a life coach, am I right?) And so, I pulled myself out of bed, tugged on my sneakers, and jogged out the door.

Now, this run by no means was a long run. Like, I was gone for less than twenty minutes. But, a short run is better than no run! Basically anything is better than no run. So, I cranked LEMONADE and tried to drown out my mind, which was, indeed, telling me to quit.

And you know what? After I got going, I did start to feel energized! And I really liked breathing in the fresh salty air and running beside the calm ocean. It was relaxing and refreshing, and I was like dang, why don’t I do this everyday? This morning, when my alarm chimed at 6:30, I knew my answer. But, once again, I forced myself up and out.

Seriously, look at this view! How could I not be obsessed with it?

Now, I’m not sure if I’ve morphed into a regular morning runner–only time well tell. But I am going to try to finish out the week! In fact, that’s why I’m blogging about this! It’s so much harder to give up when you’ve already announced your plans to the internet. And after this week, we’ll see.

Fingers crossed there’s a little Usain Bolt spirit hiding in me somewhere!

Have a great week, guys!

xo Rosie

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