Recipe: Jackfruit Chili

Soooo today’s recipe was actually supposed to be chocolate raspberry donuts. Unfortunately, the chocolate raspberry donuts were looking more pig intestine and less donut, so I decided to forgo recipe sharing. SRY.

Instead, I have for you, jackfruit chili. Before you go squealing away in a fit of “wth is jackfruit, I came here for the donuts,” let me just tell you, this chili won me an actual award. That’s right, this chili was gifted the award of “MOST ORIGINAL” at a chili cook-off hosted by my cousin.

The cutest MOST ORIGINAL prize

I realize “most original” sounds like the type of superlative award you give to the girl at cheer camp who can’t actually remember any cheers, but I swear, we won this in a complimentary way.

I say “we” because I actually cannot solely claim the fame for this chili’s success. Me, my sister, and one of our friends did it all together. And okay, maybe I fell asleep for a short period of the cooking time, but WHATEVER, I HELPED.*

IMG_1705 3.JPG
*Drank cider and bossed everyone else around

The real chili MVP is Keepin’ it Kind, the blog where we snagged this amazing recipe. This recipe definitely involves a trip to the grocery store, unless you just have nutritional yeast and liquid smoke on hand. I was hesitant when I saw carrots and celery in our cart, but omg, you guys, it was so good. The jackfruit gives it a meaty texture, and all the spices give it such a smoky flavour, and the veggies add a subtle crunch. SO. GOOD.

Here are some things you should know in advance: your local grocer may carry jackfruit in the canned fruit aisle, but watch out! If it’s jackfruit in syrup, just say no. You want jackfruit in water or brine. We made the whole jackfruit in syrup mistake and at the last minute were calling every Chinese grocery store in a 20 kilometer radius trying to locate jackfruit in water. For the other ingredients, you may have to hit up the organic aisles, but you should be able to find everything in a regular grocery store.

This recipe makes a massive pot of chili, and a little grated cheddar cheese and plain greek yogurt tops it off perfectly. Lastly, don’t forget the cornbread! My cousin made a few pans of this and I was snacking on it all night long.

Have a happy weekend, and enjoy!


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