Fitness Challenge: Yoga Essentials

Namaste, people! I can’t believe it’s already week THREE of this month’s fitness challenge: yoga edition. Like seriously, where is the best month of the year going and why is it going there so fast?

As a way of checking in to update you on my progress with the challenge, I thought it might be cool to do a post on what gear and gadgets I’m finding essential for yoga-ing (almost) every damn day this month.  But after you’re done reading what’s getting me through, I want to know what yoga accessories you think are a MUST so I can try them too and finish out the challenge in style!

Lulu headbands


Ok, I know sometimes Lulu Lemon can seem obnoxious, overrated, and over-talked about but I promise these headbands live up to the brand’s hype. They’re relatively inexpensive ($14), cute AF, and they DON’T SLIP. Like seriously, as someone with fine, layered hair and bangs that are still growing out, these headbands stay put and that is something I truly appreciate when I’m partially upside down in my 40th down dog of the week.


S’ip Bottle by S’well

Apparently I have expensive taste, but be honest: tell me you haven’t seen those awesome S’well bottles around and thought to yourself “I NEED.” They’re super cute and they keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12…that’s my kind of water bottle. However, what’s not my kind of water bottle is that S’wells cost anywhere from $35 to $45. But no fear! They came out with a new line of similar but less expensive bottles for Target called S’ip. I picked mine up a few weeks ago for $25 (still expensive but more reasonable for sure) and I love it so far. There’s nothing like a cold sip of water during a VERY hot yoga class.


Face wipes

Call me gross, but after eight hours of work, an hour of yoga, and a good amount of driving, by the time I get home at night it’s not always my first instinct to jump into the shower. Usually my main priority is to eat (obviously) and like, sit down and breathe for a second, ya know? However, my skin is not always on board with this plan, and after sweating hard core for an hour (seriously, when I leave yoga I look like I just got out of the shower…) it needs to be cleaned or breakout city, here I come.

So on those nights when I’m tired and not headed straight to the shower and a deep face washing, I use Simple’s cleansing facial wipes or their micellar water on a cotton pad to show some love to my pores. It leaves me feeling refreshed and clean, and my skin says thank you in the form of clarity.


Pre-yoga fuel

If I have class at 5:30 p.m. and lunch almost five hours earlier, you better believe that I need something to tide me over and give me that late afternoon boost of energy I need. My favorites? Larabars or almonds. Both have protein and are carb-y enough without making me feel heavy and full, and they give me just the right amount of energy until I can eat dinner. Favorite flavors of Larabars include chocolate chip brownie (because, duh) and apple pie, and lately I have been digging the salt & vinegar almonds from Blue Diamond Almonds.


So that’s it for me, fellow yogis! What are you using pre and post class? I’ve done nine classes since the 1st, with at least four more coming at me this week so I’m right about on schedule to average four classes a week! And–sneak peek to my review of the challenge coming in a few weeks–I feel GREAT. Like seriously, the best, strongest, and leanest I’ve felt in months. It’s not too late to join me! Hit up your local studio or grab a Youtube video and do an at-home class by yourself; I promise it’s worth every exhale and chaturanga.

Peace and pigeon-pose, Bean

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