Book Club, Round Two: VOTE HERE

It’s been a few weeks since our first Rosie & Bean book club wrapped up and, if you missed it, lucky you! You can catch up and read all of our thoughts on Emery Lord’s When We Collided here, here, and here.


Now that we’ve had a second to catch our breath and work out all of our girl crushes on (fictional) Jonah, we’re gearing up for the next round of book club! And this time, we want this to be a book-ocracy instead of a book-tatorship. In other words, HELP US DECIDE BY VOTING!

We have exercised some executive authority by narrowing it down to three choices, but we want your help picking the winner.

What do you want to read this month?

We decided to go with a “girl power” theme in our choices, so we hope you’re ready to feel bad ass and awesome after reading along with us.

You can vote on our Twitter poll here or right here on!


So click!! Vote!! Read summaries and let us know which one you’re most excited about! Rosie and I are excited to start turning those pages again, and we want to hear from you! We’ll announce the winner here next week, so keep an eye out!

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