Recipe: Last Minute Trifle

Happy Friday!

I have the perf recipe for you to whip up this weekend. But, before we begin, let me just say: you cannot actually whip this trifle up in one minute. If you only have one minute, get your booty to the grocery store and hope they have some crumbly looking M&M cookies that you can pretend you made last night.

You actually kind of need a few hours for this trifle, but not because it’s so difficult or time-consuming, but because brownies take time to bake and mousse takes time to set, ya know? This is not a strenuous recipe. Promise!

IMG_2585.JPG  IMG_2586.JPG

To start, get to the grocery store and buy: a boxed brownie mix, a boxed chocolate mousse mix and/or a boxed pudding mix (you can do both, or you can just do one! It’s up to your and your chocolate-loving preference. I do both. Are you surprised? No.), and a carton of whipping cream (NOT COOL WHIP, don’t offend me with that suggestion, and definitely not some nutri-whip of sorts. WHIPPING CREAM. Made from cow’s milk. Nothing else. YOU HAVE ONE JOB. Don’t mess this up). If you’re making this recipe in the winter, maybe pick up some Andes peppermint crunch baking chips to sprinkle on the top. If you’re making this in the glorious season of summer, the topping is up you! M&M’s, raspberries, strawberries, mini reese peanut butter cups? The options are endless. There are no seasonal flavors you must adhere to. But, pick up something! It will take an extra $2 and 3 minutes to convince everyone you put HOURS upon HOURS into this trifle.

Once you get home from the grocery store (sorry this recipe is so weirdly narrated), cook up those brownies! If you’re super on the ball in life, you could even make the brownies the evening before so they have the whole night to cool. No pressure though if you are not that on the ball.

Next, AND DO NOT CHANGE THE ORDER: Whip up your WHIPPING CREAM. Once it’s all fluffy and wonderful, put it in a bowl to chill in the fridge. Next: do the same with the mousse. Next: do the same with the pudding. (Order is important so you don’t have to wash the KitchenAid bowl in between each dessert whipping, and you also don’t risk turning your whipped cream brown.)

So, in a few hours, when your brownies are as chilled as you with a cider on the beach in July, you’re ready to get trifle-ing.

If you don’t have a trifle bowl–well, that’s your own fault. Improvise with another type of bowl or casserole dish, but know that it’s probably not going to look as cute, and I don’t want you giving me credit in your Instagram pic for a messy-looking dessert. (Kidding, mine literally always looks messy. I think that’s the whole point of trifle.)

Layer the bottom of the trifle bowl (or whatever the heck you’re using) with a layer of crumbled up brownie. How thick should the layer be? Well, you’re going to be making three layers with brownies, so you do the math.

Next up! A layer of pudding. Again, follow the 1/3 rule. Then, you guessed it, the mousse! And THEN, your perfectly delectable whipped topping.



YOU HAVE A TRIFLE. CONGRATULATIONS! Sprinkle whatever topping you selected on top, or if it’s someone’s birthday, maybe write out HBD in berries, and you are READY TO CONQUER THIS PARTY.

This is me. Everyone at your party will look like me!

Everyone is going to adore this trifle. I’ve been making this for years and it’s become my most requested dessert, which, actually, is quite insulting to the many desserts and fondants I do whip up from scratch.

You know why people love the trifle? The whipped cream. People can tell the difference between a frozen, packaged whipped topping and real whipped cream. And for some reason, the real whipped cream leads them to this false conclusion that you whipped everything up from scratch. That you are an organic, all-natural, ew-don’t-touch-me-with-that-refined-sugar baker. And you’re not. I mean, just look at all the empty boxed mixes in your trash. Real whipped cream, even though it def has more calories than some splenda-sweetened Cool Whip, makes people think what they’re eating is healthy?! It’s strange logic, but I’m not wrong!! And you know what, this trifle is so good, people should eat it feeling like they deserve it. Because they do!

And so do you!

So, enjoy!!

And please, for the love of God, never buy Cool Whip again. I hate Cool Whip like I hate people who claim to hate mayonnaise or who put ketchup on macaroni and cheese.

Okay, I’m off to work on these food-related anger issues!

Happy weekend, friends!

xo – Rosie

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