Gotta Start Somewhere

Sooo maybe you’ve noticed we’ve kind of disappeared over the last month or so. What can we say? Life got busy and got the best of us, and while Rosie has been cranking out a couple great posts (here, here, and here), I’ve been a total R & B deadbeat. I’m sorry guys!

If you have noticed my absence, don’t feel bad because you’re not alone! My running sneakers & yoga mat & workout wardrobe have also noticed my absence…oops. If you think waaay back to May, you might remember that I was working on a yoga fitness challenge for the month where I aimed to attend at least 4 classes a week. I even did a post about what essentials I need to survive all the downward dogging and then I obviously fell off the face of the earth,  so I’m sure you have all been waiting with baited breath for the conclusion of my challenge, right? Right.

Well, if you didn’t know that July 5 was your lucky day, now you do because HERE IT IS! Rosie & Bean is back in action for the summer and I’m kicking off the end of our hiatus with May’s fitness challenge review and July’s challenge preview (FINALLY).

I’ll start with some basic stats:

  • My original goal was to hit up four classes at my local studio a week. 
  • I also aimed to bring the yogi spirit full circle by meditating for at least four minutes before bed every night. 
  • The results? Over the course of a full month/four weeks, I went to 13 yoga classes (and 8 spin classes, but that’s for another post). If I break it down further, I hit my goal of four classes/week for the first three weeks of the challenge, and then failed miserably the last week (lol).
  • I meditated before bed a total of zero times. It’s the thought that counts, yes? No? 😦



Now, even though I didn’t finish strong, I would call this challenge a huge success. Getting into the habit of going so many times per week consistently (at least for three of the weeks) had me LOVING yoga in a way I haven’t in a long time by just going every now and then. I found myself getting kind of addicted, and thus crabby and cranky when I couldn’t go for whatever reason. Not to mention that on the fitness side of things, I was feeling my leanest and strongest in months, and I saw measurable improvements in a few different poses (side angle wrap, half moon, chaturanga).

I got into a really great groove with this challenge. I was establishing a routine that my body and mind were thanking me for, and I’m planning/hoping to get back into it very soon, especially because I desperately need it. Towards the end of the challenge, I had a wedding, it was a long weekend, I found out at my annual physical that I have officially lost 20 lbs, I moved into my own apartment, and well, it’s summer! So I slacked and I celebrated (way too much…for a whole month apparently) and now I’m ready. Ready for salads and health and lots of water and to move my body and get my sweat on. Which brings me to….


Keeping in mind all the slacking and indulgence that went on in June, my July fitness “challenge” is this: Gotta start somewhere. This morning, fresh out of excuses like “It’s a holiday weekend!” and “I’m moving!”, I dragged my ass out of bed at the crack of dawn and went to an early-morning spin class. And as the class started and my feet pedaled wildly in an attempt to make up for the MILLION calories I ate this weekend, the spin instructor reminded us: “Let’s get those feet moving and those heart rates up! You gotta start somewhere.

So that’s just what I’m going to do. Start somewhere. Not make any crazy goals and ease back into that hashtag healthy living slow and steady. A morning spin class here, a yoga session there, and, for a more concrete goal to go along with it–a whole lot of walks around my beautiful new neighborhood. I’m taking one tonight after dinner and I hope to get one in tomorrow, too! Baby steps.

More of this, less of this…

What are your goals this month? Fitness or otherwise! Let us know in the comments below and get ready for a lot more posts coming your way this month. We’re so happy to be back…we’ve missed you, our BFFs!

With consistency in exercising and blogging, Bean 

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