Obsessed With: Rewatching One Tree Hill

Don’t pretend like Lucas and/or Nathan from One Tree Hill didn’t occasionally make your “Husband” list during those beloved games of MASH way back in the day…we know they did because the two hottest Scott brothers in Tree Hill definitely made ours.

And, I’m happy to report after many hours spent rewatching (read: binging) the series, they would both still make my Husband list today. But, I also have to report, as far as my favorite characters go, Now Me doesn’t still agree with High School Me.

Let me explain: I still LOVE One Tree Hill and stand by the fact that it’s one of the better-written shows for high schoolers. Seriously, take it from someone who also binge watches shitty teen shows like Pretty Little Liars; One Tree Hill is the cream of the crop. But that being said, the characters fifteen-year old me used to be obsessed with are now kind of, well, annoying. (I’m looking at you Lucas Scott.)

Take Lucas and Peyton for example. When I was a sophomore in my own version of Tree Hill High, I wanted to be Peyton and I wanted my own Lucas more than anything. They were attractive and had good taste in music and soooo in angsty, dramatic love–what could be better? But this time around, Lucas and Peyton as a couple–and individually–bother me. Lucas, at least early Lucas circa seasons one through three, is a little too in touch with emotions and intuitive; he’s always giving corny support and lessons to anyone who will listen: Haley, his mom, Brooke, Nathan. I see now why I loved him so much the first time I watched OTH–he was the high school boy that didn’t exist in my own life: nearly perfect, athletic, attractive, intelligent, lover of books and feelings, a guy’s guy, a girl’s guy, a sensitive boyfriend. I mean really, what sixteen year old boy is like that? High School Me loved him because I wanted him to be real. Now Me quickly falls out of love with him because he’s not.

And Peyton Sawyer? Well, this time around I still think she’s cool as fuck. She has an awesome leather jacket and great hair and the BEST taste in music. But she’s a little too whiny for my liking, and in a way I don’t get how she and Lucas ever came to be as a couple. I mean, really, he’s nice to her and cute but that’s about as deep as their relationship goes before she decides she’s in love with him irrevocably. There just isn’t a lot of development between the two of them early on in the series, so I’m definitely Team Naley these days. Especially because, even though I worship Haley James, I might be (definitely am) in love with Nathan Scott…

Overall, I can say that OTH has my heart just as much now as it did back when I shared a locker and wished I was a Tree Hill Raven. I can’t. stop. watching. and it’s a safe bet that if you can’t locate my whereabouts after work these days it’s because I’m in bed with my iPad and my trusty friends Haley, Brooke, and Mouth. If you haven’t seen it in a while, check it out for old time’s sake. Dan is still as evil as ever (definitely the fictional version of Donald Trump am I right?) and Nathan is still a heartthrob. You won’t be disappointed.

This post was written in loving memory of Keith Scott, beloved uncle, surrogate-father to Lucas, and friend. 

What are your thoughts? Team Naley or Team Leyton? Is Brooke Davis your role model, too? Calling all OTH fans: let me hear your thoughts!

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