Obsessed With: Lipstick, Birthday Gifts & Awesome Kicks

By now you know that Rosie and I love to tell you guys what we’re loving, using, and just frankly obsessed with at the moment, so the following are wholeheartedly endorsed by me, your BFF, Bean:

Lip Color: Covergirl’s line of nudes .*******

I’m not a big makeup user, and 90% of the time I rock a completely bare face (mostly because I’m too lazy to even put on mascara), but lately I have been all about J. Lo’s nude color from the new ____ line. My mom got it for me as an Easter present, and I love it so much that I find myself getting dolled up a little more often. I also recently got two new shades from the same line, _____ and ____. You can grab them at CVS or any kind of store like that.


Cute Birthday Presents: ____ Society 6 shop

As I’ve mentioned probably 34 times already, May is my favorite month, mostly because it means my birthday is here. This year had to be one of my best bday’s ever, and I spent the whole weekend smiling and teary from feeling so loved by all my friends and family. While I could do an entire post on the generous gifts I received–because seriously every single one was adorable and so me–I’ll just focus on one for now: _____ society 6 shop.

One of my best friends sent me three different things by this artist and I love them all equally–a mug, a tote bag, and a coin purse. The quotes make me extra-obsessed, but even without them these three items would be cute! You can shop them here.


Shoes: My New Sneakers from Adidas

Believe it or not, I’ve never owned anything Adidas. I have always been partial to the look of Nikes and the function of Asics, but lately it seems Adidas is all the hype, so I had to try it out when I saw this cute pair on sale. When I got them in the mail, I was even more excited.

They’re really cute, very comfy, and I got them for only $70 which I thought was a good deal! The ____ is very cushioned and I feel well supported when I wear them, and with all this warm weather (FINALLY), I’ve been wearing them a lot. Highly recommended from yours truly!


After you spring clean in these next few weeks, be sure to reward yourself with a little something new to celebrate the sunshine! Whether it’s new lipstick, new sneakers, or something else, let us know what you’re obsessed with this month!

Tweet us, comment us if ya wanna reach us! Xo, Bean

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